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Nutcase Cobalt Matte

Nutcase Cobalt Matte


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Nutcase Cobalt Matte

Well, if it ain't old Cobalt Matte, here to fulfill his dream of protecting humankind. Turns out, he's pretty good at it, too. With Nutcase's cutting-edge comfort, protection, and style, you'll never want to leave home without him. You'll also love the adjustable dial fitting system, soft straps, and easy-to-snap magnetic buckle, giving you a snug, comfortable fit. The durable ABS shell does more than look good, too—it deflects impact so the protective EPS inner foam lining can do its job at dispersing energy in the event of a crash. 11 vents move air into and around your head for efficient temperature regulation, and a removable visor blocks blinding sunlight and helps to keep rain and snow out of your eyes. Every little bit of extra visibility adds up when riding the streets, so Nutcase included reflective hits for 360 degrees of eye-catching flash.

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