Keep the Suspense Going

Just imagine with me. The sun is out, there is just a slight breeze in the air to keep you cool, the dirt is perfect and you are ready to ride. You are tired of spending all winter on that stupid trainer you bought from Campus Cycles (you're welcome, by the way) but you know you have the legs to tackle any rocky trail that most hikers scrap their shins on. The first climb isn't that bad and you are ready to rip down the first descent.

Instead of railing a corner at thirty miles per hour without being thrown out of the rut by the brake bumps you feel like you are po-going down the mountain and finally, you give in and crash, ending that perfect ride you had in mind. SO WHAT HAPPENED?! It wasn't your fitness level, because you spent all winter getting ready on the trainer. It was your SUSPENSION and lack of bicycle maintainence. Your suspension is a lot more important than the squishy comfortable ride. It is what helps you keep your tire in contact with the surface that you are riding on. When your tire isn't skimming over the rocks, you can get better traction and control. Thank your suspension the next time you ride and don't crash. Show it some love with an annual tune-up before you start hearing strange noises or see oil spilling out of it. If you take care of your bicycle with a tune-up on it along with your suspension, you will get many more miles in return. Give us a call and we will be happy to help!

Through the end of March, we will be offering 30% OFF our mountain bike tunes!


  • XC TUne $125 - SAVE $55
  • Trail Tune $150 - SAVE $60
  • Enduro Tune $210 - SAVE $90


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